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Our industrial automation system utilizes Sleepy Mesh technology. This technology keeps nodes asleep as needed to conserve the power. Occasionally, the whole network wakes up so the nodes can report data or perform appropriate actions. The “sleepy” scheme allows nodes to operate multiple years on a single battery! The network protocol itself is light and efficient which yields great node to node distances!

Our Network Specifications:

  • Field units (nodes) can operate up to 5 years on a single battery
  • Nodes can communicate to each other up to 2 miles apart
  • 16 channels, 3 data rates and AES encryption (if needed)

All of our products are open source software and hardware. We strive to make the world better place by having our projects open to everyone!

The center piece of our system is Mesh Network Router. It is small yet powerful machine capable of performing following tasks

  • Seamlessly managing Wireless Mesh Network
  • Set network parameters such as sleep and wake periods, encryption, data rate, channel, etc.
  • Set up node functionality such node constants, node alarms and log settings
  • Organize nodes and create node groups
  • Display current node data using variety of different units
  • View and download logs
  • Update router and node software
  • Set system time, date, log options, IP addresses, network warning settings
  • Connect your network to other protocols such as Modbus and SNMP
  • Import/export user settings
  • Monitor status of the network
  • Manage users and their privileges including guest user if enabled
  • Troubleshoot the network via diagnostic tools that detect low battery, low signal, low sync rate, node temperature and other potential problems

Just like dog sledding would not work without dogs, the mesh network won’t go far without nodes. Nodes performing all the work that needs to be done. Whether it measuring input parameters or controlling your outputs. You will need nodes – regardless of the shape of your sled and/or the task at your hand.

Wireless Mesh Network router acts as a Dog Sled commander. It will help you to connect invisible ties between the nodes and program your automation system.

Current Demo Setup:

  • Mesh Network Router
  • 2 Mesh Network Nodes monitoring dummy liquid level, volume and temperature

Quite a simple setup. Although you will be browsing web interface as a guest, it will give you basic idea as far as its functionality. Email as a request if you would like to test drive the system with full administrative powers.

Click here to access DEMO

There are quite a few things that are coming up fairly soon. Please follow our blog for the updates. Here is tentative list:

  • Moving our software to open source
  • Adding demo page
  • Getting our router software working on Raspberry Pi and releasing RPi router adapter board
  • Designing Mesh Network Node PCB. Releasing hardware.
  • Adding our products to the website
  • Creating tutorials

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Bolder Automation is looking forward to collaborate with your company to perfect our customer automation systems and improve our product!

We are up for the challenge no matter how big or small your requirements are! Please contact us via form bellow: