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03 Mar

Appendix A – Removing RPi3 Connector

So you’ve got Raspberry Pi 3 already and you want to use it for your Automation Project?

Well, it is almost ready. You just have to remove display connector that is going to interfere with RF Engine otherwise.

Follow this as a guide ONLY if you are savvy in electronic assembly/disassembly! Please do not attempt if you are not comfortable operating soldering iron and hot air gun.
We are not responsible for the damage due to the lack of skill or experience!

If you want to purchase fully assembled Mesh Network Router, you may do so right here

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03 Mar

Chapter 1 – Assembling Mesh Network Router

In this episode we will show how to assemble Mesh Network Router.

This chapter would be useful if you have some parts already and trying to scramble unit from what you have already.

Parts that you will need:

Alternatively, you can buy already assembled and ready to use unit right here

Let me know if you find this useful.

I know, we still need to get the nodes out for you to able to use this product fully but we are working hard on it while you are reading this.

Stay tuned!

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07 Sep

Chapter 0 – Configuring Raspberry Pi

Putting together this tutorial while still figuring things out…

Check this out, this video going to be super helpful once I publish the source code for the industrial automation project. I suppose it will be super helpful in home automation projects as well. I got my code working on Raspberry Pi yesterday which is super exciting. I just want to add few more improvements before I release it. But it is coming and coming soon!

In the meantime, if you are new to this, this video will be great introduction. If you are intermediate, it will give you some good insights as far as Raspberry Pi OS. And if you are advanced, maybe you can fix that little bug in my code! 😉


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